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I'm Lucy Olcese, an Argentinean-New Zealand artist.

My journey in the creative world has been enriched by my academic background in Visual Arts and Graphic Design.

I consider myself a creative explorer, constantly challenging myself to find new ways of expression. That's why my work incorporates diverse materials and techniques, carefully woven together to nurture profound connections and offer unique experiences through participatory installations, captivating objects, and engaging performances.

Beyond the art studio, my interests include cooking, lighthouse chasing (having visited 86 lighthouses worldwide), hiking in nature, spiritual growth and technology. These activities fuel my curiosity, innovation, and passion for creating meaningful encounters.

I was born in Argentina in 1982. I’m living and working in Auckland, New Zealand since 2015 

2015 - Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts - National University of Art (UNA) Argentina.
2009 - Graphic Design and Visual Communication Degree - Rómulo Raggio Argentina. 

2022 - Arts Out East, supported by Te Tuhi and the Howick Local Board. – Connection 
2018 - Creative NZ – Outside the box project: Rooms 
2018 - Arts out East Festival – The Happiness Machine
2018 - Massey University. Auckland. New Zealand –  Garden of Words  
2017 - Wild in Art and Child Cancer Foundation – Selected to paint the Big Hoot for Auckland Owl 2018

2023 - The Blossom – Participative Installation. Auckland. New Zealand
2022 - Connection – Participative Installation. Ormiston Town Centre. Auckland. New Zealand
2018 - Balloon Room – Participative Installation. Uxbridge Arts & Culture. Auckland. New Zealand
2018 - Relaxing Room – Participative Installation. Uxbridge Arts & Culture. Auckland. New Zealand
2018 - Dark Room – Participative Installation. Uxbridge Arts & Culture. Auckland. New Zealand
2018 - The Happiness Machine – Participative Installation. Howick Village Market. Art Out East. Auckland. New Zealand
2018 - Garden of Words – Participative Installation. Massey University. Auckland. New Zealand
2015 - To Inhabit the Absence – Final thesis presentation with an installation as part of the degree requirements. Argentina
2013 - Garden of Words – Installation. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2013 - Tree of Words –  Installation. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2012 - Certificate of Existence – Participative Urban Intervention. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2012 - The Masses – Objects. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2012 - AWARD – Light – Photography – National Salon of Painting and Photography of Claromecó. Buenos Aires. Argentina 
2010 - The Harshest Truth – Interactive Video. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2009 - Playing Costs Nothing – Objects: Collection of dolls. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2008 - Intersections - San Isidro Cultural Center – Mixed media. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2007 - La Paloma 1997-2007 – Quinta el Ombú, San Fernando – Engravings and Plotting. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2006 - AWARD for Artists under 25 years old, VIII Small Format Salon. Department of Culture of Vicente López. Discipline: Drawing. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2006 - House Vs Home – Plotting. Young Artists 1976-2006 – Vicente López Cultural Center. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2005 - AWARD First Prize for designing the institutional t-shirt for Metrogas. Buenos Aires. Argentina
2004 - The Chair Shows Itself in an Exhibition – Drawings. Unicen Cultural Center – Tandil. Buenos Aires. Argentina


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