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The Blossom

This was a work-in-progress project, where the public was invited to create a paper flower to contribute to the blossoming and see the transformation of the installation at Pakuranga library

The Blossom's genesis is
after a sequence of events in the past few years that we have had to go through (Covid and all the cancellations and postponements from big to small personal events, not being available to travel as usual to visit our home country, a cyclone that reminds us lockdowns, floods, and a wet summer so far),

I’m facing a fragility side that I never experienced before. It makes me perceive time differently.

We can't leave that thing that we want, and we should do or say for later. We are meant to shine, we are meant to grow, and we want to blossom.

It's time to use the best dress we have and not wait for the best occasion to wear it. It’s a special dress, which holds the dreams, the unfinished, all the wishes, all the “out of my life” desires, words, and phrases that are important to believe or forget. Because we are a mix of things.

It’s an invitation to blossom right now and just how we are at this moment.

te tuhi.jpg
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