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Dark Room

This Room was part of Outside the Box projects that Uxbridge Arts and Culture hosted in East Auckland, New Zealand. Sponsored by Creative Communities NZ

This room occurs in total darkness. It is a project where we need to look and follow inside
ourselves us to find the honest answer and have the guide of the light in the small spots that
you can only see if you point to them with ultraviolet torches.
Each participant needs to pick a color to follow a path inside. In a small sticker they write an
answer which is required for that color. For example, for colour Green you have to answer:
“What is your favorite item?”, for Yellow: “What is your favourite place?”, and Orange: “Who is
your favourite person?”.
Then, they go inside to follow the chosen color dots path with the torch until they reach a
big circle and stick the answer inside. Once they finish, they can read other people’s answers
and repeat the experience following a new path/color.

te tuhi.jpg
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