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This project was possible thanks to Arts Out East, supported by Te Tuhi and the Howick Local Board. And Ormiston Town Centre, which was the host of the Installation for one month.

It was a Participatory Art Installation. We started with a period of making Pom poms. Three points were open during the work of art in progress: Uxbridge Arts & Culture, Te Tuhi, and Ormiston Town Center. The community was invited to make a pompom to be added to a 3mt diameter circle net (net, as a reference of a network, knitting a community, but is built through each individual, which is unique and special). The outcome is, therefore, an ongoing transformation of colours and forms until we reach 3,000 pom poms.

The motivation behind the idea is a unique moment when the artist learned how to make a pom pom for the first time when she was a child. One of those moments in which memories and a sense of identity are being built is when the whole body tells you are able to do something for yourself; but that happens also because at the same time someone entrusted you: giving you their time, material, and learning. A small thing outside, but a huge one inside, building your self-esteem.
All those feelings, the connection with the person who teaches, that moment in childhood, was tied to the pom pom itself. Therefore, everything resurfaces in the pom pom object and that’s why the artist wants to work with them.

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